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Classes & Programs



We have a variety of classes to suit everyone’s health and fitness goals.

  • Cycling
  • Hybrid Cycling
  • HIIT Boot Camp
  • Mat Pilates
  • MetCon


We have an incredible nutrition partnership with Recode Nutrition. Schedule a free consultation with our dietitian today!

Personal training

Want a program completely tailored to you and administered by a certified personal trainer? We have what you need. Inquire at the front desk about a free consult with one of our staff trainers.


Every week one of our in-house trainers creates a functional circuit workout and records a video tutorial. Sign up for the hour you want to drop into and a trainer is available to answer your questions, evaluate your form and set you up to get a killer workout.


Inquire about our sport specificity training programs. We design programs that get your young athletes performing their best for the sport they choose.

Classes For All Fitness Levels

Pick any class on the schedule that interests you and the instructor will provide you with the proper adjustments and modifications for your fitness level or mobility restrictions.


Unlock the athlete inside! HIIT Boot Camp combines High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with functional, multi-level, and multi-joint exercises. Every session combines the excitement of a group class with the tailored experience of personal training.


Each class is based on a playlist curated by your instructor. The beat of the music dictates your pace and intensity. Start with a warm-up with mild hills and flat stretches, then feel the beat turn up and grind your way up steep inclines and speedy descents.


Try out a whole new style of training! Half the class is cycling, and the other half is boot camp, giving you the best of both workouts. Each session could start with either modality but be assured that you will feel the full impact of this intense workout the next day.


Pure Core is a mat workout concentrating on the muscles that stabilize and strengthen your trunk. This 30-minute class will scorch your abs, obliques, glutes, and lats. Core work is an essential class that is recommended for everyone that wants to improve their fitness in all other areas.


Metabolic Conditioning (METCON) is a high-intensity cardio class. It combines bodyweight exercises with light weights, plyometrics, and agility training. A METCON workout is the most efficient 45 minutes you can spend training. You will increase muscle tone, decrease bodyfat, and improve cardiovascular conditioning, all in one short, intense class.


Get fit and learn some go-go dance moves you can use at the club. Flirty Fit is a combination of bodyweight exercises, burlesque, and go-go dance that will burn calories, and increase mobility and flexibility, all set to up-beat house and trap.

Your First Class is on Us

Download the FitGrid ClassApp and sign up for your first class for free! Then, invite friends to join you through the app and workout together!

Personal Training

One-on-one or train with a friend, our personal training or partner training program will get you in the best shape of your life. A certified personal trainer will take you through our 7-evolution program:

      1. Functional Movement
      2. Core Power
      3. Cardio Conditioning
      4. Advanced Movement
      5. Power
      6. Specificity
      7. Goal

Body composition

More important than the number on the scale is the “tale of the tape.” Personal training is about putting together a series of workouts in the studio and outside activities that will result in getting you to healthy body composition and level of fitness.

power in movement

A tailored program designed by a certified personal trainer will keep you on a rapid self-improvement schedule. Power is the combination of speed and strength. A well-thought-out program will increase your power and make you stronger in all of your day-to-day physical activities.

 Cardio Conditioning

It starts in the gym but is attained through independent exercise. Personal training is best administered if you have a physical goal in mind. For example, hiking Knox mountain in under 30 minutes, running a 5k, or cycling 50 miles in a day. 


Our nutrition program is not a weight loss program. ReCode Nutrition will get you to a healthy body composition if you follow the guidelines and dietitian recommendations.

juice fast

Our program is anchored around a 3-day juice fast. We have partnered with STOKED Juices out of Kimberly to provide us with very high-quality, cold-pressed organic juices.


An effective nutrition program doesn’t start out with an assumption of the type of diet that will be effective for you. We utilize the juice fast and subsequent elimination program to discover your food profile and then incorporate the diet that works for you into your lifestyle. 


The 3-day juice fast decreases the amount of bad bacteria in your gut associated with obesity and increases the amount of good bacteria associated with healthy body composition. This change in your microbiome leads to better food decisions in the future.


Each week our in-house trainers create a functional workout with an instructional video. During peak hours, a trainer will be available for advice on intensity and form, but you do the workout at your pace. All you do is sign-up for the hour you will begin your workout and drop-in anytime during that hour to start.


Functional training is exercise that improves strength, mobility, and conditioning for everyday life. It often consists of dynamic movements with moderate weight, with a goal of increasing health and strength and decreasing your risk of disease.


These workouts are not in a strict class format. To access them, you sign-up for the hour that you will start your workout. This lets the trainer know who is coming in and that they should be available to get you started.


This program is intended for people who like working out on their own at a comfortable pace but also like the creativity and guidance of a certified personal trainer.


For young and recreational athletes alike, sport-specificity training is essential to improving your athletic skills in your chosen sport and reducing your risk of injury. Popular sports like golf, hockey, baseball, and all racquet sports involve asymmetric rotation and dynamic movement that is not improved with traditional training techniques. 


Sports performance means training off the field harder than on the field. You have to put in 120% of gameday effort in training to be the best. Our trainers put you into a program that increases performance by executing sport-specific movements at high intensity to improve muscle reaction speed, strength, and power.


Sports strength begins at your core and is often executed with your joints. Our sport-specific programming improves strength throughout your entire kinetic chain. This method of strength training creates unified muscular control and shows greater strength gains compared to isolation exercise.

Injury Prevention

Sports involve repetition by nature, which can create an imbalance in your body. Our trainers make sure to train your whole body and take a balanced approach to avoid asymmetric overload and overuse injuries.




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